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When the pandemic began, photographers had to start getting super creative when it came to taking photos. Personally, I didn't work for months when the pandemic hit my state. I desperately needed to do something to get creative. I saw another photographer share about virtual photoshoots and I had to try out for myself.

The whole concept is just as simple as it sounds. I set the phone up and take pictures of my subject via FaceTime, it's that simple. You can make a set around the phone or keep it simple.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Make sure you have good service

  2. Tell your subject to find window light or try shooting outdoors

  3. Send your subject pose ideas to prepare for the shoot

  4. Make sure you set the phone up in a spot without a glare

  5. Be creative!!

The coolest part about shooting over FaceTime is that you can photograph anyone, anywhere! It is such a cool way to photograph people who normally wouldn't be able to because of distance.


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