#StayHome Photo Challenge

Staying home and not shooting is incredibly hard for me. I love my job and look forward to every session. I refuse to let my camera get dusty during this time so I am challenging myself and YOU to keep shooting. I have created a list of photo challenges you can do while practicing social distancing and keeping those around you safe and healthy.

1. Fruits and Vegetables

2. Your #StayHome Partner

3. Double Exposure

4. Morning Light

5. Unique Bokeh

6. Faceless Self Portrait

7. Go on a Nature Walk

8. Out of Focus

9. Hands

10. Flat Lay with Sentimental Objects

11. Silhouette

12. Mixed Media

13. Your Work Space

14. Still Life

15. Go for a Drive and Capture a Landscape

16. Long Exposure

17. Black & White

18. Emotion/Mood

19. Shoot from a New Perspective

20. Self Portrait

Use hashtag #rainwaterphotochallenge so I can see everything you create!! Stay home and start shooting!

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